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Outdoorsman Bible

$ 29.99


Before heading out to hunt, fish, hike, or backpack, you check your gear to make sure you have what you need. Why not do the same for your spiritual life? For the man with a passion for field-ready gear, the NIV Outdoorsman Bible includes devotions that tie directly to the sports of hunting, fishing, backpacking, or any outdoor activity.
This complete NIV Bible includes full-color inserts graphically designed for the sportsman’s eye.  as a one-stop destination for any outdoorsman who studies the Bible, each of these unique pages includes a personal devotion, as well as related material for small group discussion.
Complete text of the New International Version—today’s most popular modern-English Bible
26 pages of devotions with questions for reflection, created to use individually or with a small group
Introduction from Jason Cruise, president and Founder, Outdoor ministry Network
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  • Italian Duo-Tone, Wood Print Camo $29.99
ISBN: 9780310441694