Another Way Our Lord Is Near

Woman reading Bible with mask on

“Let your gentleness be evident to all.” Sometimes a phrase from Scripture just randomly pops into your head, and this is one such phrase from the Bible that tends to do that. It sounds like a nice idea, but what does it mean, and where can it be found in the Bible?

A quick search ...

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Boaz: A Leader Who Went the Extra Mile

candle lighting another

By John Maxwell

Leaders must be generous, predisposed to give their resources to others. They believe a candle loses nothing when it lights another.

No one models this better than Boaz, the spiritual leader who became Ruth’s husband. He owned a large field, and like other landowners, employed reapers to gather his harvest. When the reapers finished, the less ...

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Naaman’s Young Maidservant, Channel for a Miracle

young woman reflecting

A Young Girl’s Testimony Led to One of the Most Significant Miracles in the Old Testament

Probably not yet in her teens, Naaman’s maidservant was captured and taken to Syria during the reign of Ahab’s son Joram, a time when Israel was constantly invaded by surrounding nations. Although living in a foreign land and serving people who may ...

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