Churches Can Ignite Passion for the Bible with the Community Bible Experience

Proven Program Now Available with Resources So All Can Participate, from the Youngest Children to Students and Adults

Sept. 8, 2017 — We all know we should read the Bible—and more deeply—and more often than once a week. Nothing is more important to personal spiritual growth, and church vitality, than a deep, sustained connection with the Bible.

Now churches can go on an unforgettable journey and reignite their passion for Scripture with the Community Bible Experience.

The Community Bible Experience is a complete and proven program (with more than five years of church campaign history) that offers a personally deep and engaging approach to reading the Scriptures called The Books of the Bible™. Not a verse here, or a chapter there; instead, whole books will be read in their original context. Through four 8-week increments, churches can read through the entire Bible in one year (or spread it over two years, or more).

The Community Bible Experience is designed to be a church-wide experience, with resources for all ages. The entire program is available November 28, 2017, including:

  • All four The Books of The Bible™ volumes (on Covenant History, The Prophets, The Writings, and the New Testament, in the accurate, readable, and clear New International Version) in durable hardcover for adults and teens;
  • all four The Books of the Bible for Kids volumes for children ages 8 to 12 (containing an abridgment of the easy-to-read New International Reader’s Version);
  • the My Bible Story Coloring Book for little ones;
  • The Books of the Bible Study Journal, which contains reading plans and space to journal for all four of the eight-week reading programs;
  • a Video Study DVD for adults and students;
  • curriculum for children (preschoolers, early elementary, and later elementary);
  • and a complete church resource kit, which includes everything a church needs to get started with the program, reading plans, and a quick start guide.

The Books of the Bible™ is a fresh, yet ancient, presentation of Scripture that removes centuries of added formatting (like chapter and verse numbers, cross references and footnotes, red letters and double columns), so readers can simply read and enjoy the Bible. All of the books of the Bible are arranged naturally, in a sequence both fascinating and revealing of the core story of God. Natural section breaks show the contours of each book in a way that traditional chapter-and-verse Bibles do not. Readers will be swept up in the narrative drama of the Bible, experiencing the Bible like it was by its first readers.

The Community Bible Experience is less like a Bible study and more like a book club. Each week, the following questions are discussed:

  • What is something you noticed for the first time?
  • What questions did you have?
  • Was there anything that bothered you?
  • What did you learn about loving God?
  • What did you learn about loving others?

“Learning happens best in community, over time, so coming together to discuss what we’ve read is one of the most critical aspects of the Community Bible Experience,” says Doug Lockhart, senior v-p of Bible marketing and outreach. “The Community Bible Experience encourages honest, open conversations about the Bible for anyone, no matter where they are in their faith journey.”

“The bottom line is that the Community Bible Experience is a proven way to get people to read the whole Bible,” says Lockhart. “Biblica launched the initial The Books of the Bible several years ago, and we at Zondervan are excited to be bringing the program to a larger market and to be adding more resources to complete the program, including The Books of the Bible for Kids, and the My Bible Story Coloring Book, so even the littlest ones can join their families and congregations in reading through the Bible together.”

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