Weaving God’s Story Together for an Unraveling World

April 15, 2019 –  Zondervan is pleased to announce the release of the NIV Storyline Bible.

“We’re thrilled to be extending the impact of the original Biblemesh course (The Biblical Story Project), developed in partnership with Tim Keller and other notable theologians, through the publication of this unique new Bible,” says Melinda Bouma, Publisher, Zondervan Bible Group.

Journey through the interwoven story of the gospel from Genesis to Revelation. The NIV Storyline Bible features over 380 articles paired with book introductions that illuminate the interconnected nature of God’s inspired Word.

“The Biblical Story Course is rooted in the joyful conviction that there is one God, one book, and one story. It is thrilling to see material from the Biblical Story course incorporated in this Study Bible,” says Emmanuel Kampouris, Publisher of BibleMesh and retired Chairman and CEO of American Standard. “May it introduce new believers, as well as seasoned Christians, to the profound riches of the events, doctrine, and promises of the Word of God.”

“It is ideal for anyone who wants to understand how the Bible’s individual stories connect to its bigger story and to each other, as it is arranged via a cross-referencing system of articles throughout. This reveals the connections between one biblical story and a host of others, equipping the diligent student to discover infinite connections between one storyline and the rest of the Bible,” added Bouma.

The content explores major events, key characters, and the theology of the Bible over seven historical eras: Creation/Patriarchs/Moses/Israel/After Exile/Jesus/The Church.

  • Full text of the accurate, readable, and clear NIV translation
  • Book introductions provide a “Storyline” perspective on how each book relates to the rest of the Bible
  • More than 200 major articles about theological principles, characters of the Bible, the political and cultural influences on the people of Israel, and the Bible’s major events
  • Over 180 smaller articles address the same topics as the major articles, using an applicational perspective
  • Topical feature indexes
  • Beautiful full-color page design
  • Over 200 full-color photos, graphs, and charts
  • Exclusive Zondervan NIV Comfort Print® typeface
  • 10.9-point print size









NIV Storyline Bible product formats on sale April 9, 2019:

  • ISBN 9780310080176, Hardcover, Comfort Print, 1,728 pages, $49.99
  • ISBN 9780310080206, Leathersoft™, Black, Comfort Print, 1,728 pages, $79.99
  • ISBN 9780310080213, Leathersoft™, Black, Indexed, Comfort Print, 1,728 pages, $89.99
  • ISBN 9780310080220, Leathersoft™, Pink, Comfort Print, 1,728 pages, $79.99
  • ISBN 9780310080237, Leathersoft™, Pink, Indexed, Comfort Print, 1,728 pages 89.99
  • ISBN 9780310080244, eBook, $39.99

About Comfort Print:
Zondervan Bibles teamed up with 2K/Denmark, the world’s foremost Bible typeface foundry, to create exclusive Comfort Print Bible fonts. NIV Comfort Print Bibles are easy to read at any size because the typeface was designed to be both efficient and readable. Zondervan Bibles believes that the beauty of the message should be reflected in the physical form of the book. Choosing the right typeface is one significant element in creating beautiful Bibles.