Zondervan, in partnership with Passion Publishing, releases The Jesus Bible Journals

Dec. 2020 – Zondervan, a division of HarperCollins Christian Publishing, is proud to release The Jesus Bible Journals, created from the best-selling Jesus Bible, NIV Edition.

“It has been deeply rewarding to see the impact our partnership with Passion Publishing has had over the last five years. Through the publication of The Jesus Bible, we have reached more than 250,000 students and leaders throughout the nation and the world,” says Melinda Bouma, vice president and publisher for Zondervan Bibles. “Building on that momentum, together with Passion, we curated a collection of uniquely formatted Bible journals utilizing key selections of Scripture. In all, The Jesus Bible Journals will encompass 30 books of the Bible within 14 separate journals, as well as Old Testament and New Testament boxed sets. We are eager to see the impact that these portable and affordable editions will have on the lives of today’s generation of Bible readers.”

The Jesus Bible Journals include the profound yet accessible study features and articles from The Jesus Bible, NIV Edition, with generous lined journaling space on every other page. The Bible text is set in Zondervan’s exclusive NIV Comfort Print® typeface for smooth reading. Expertly designed to be used for the New International Version (NIV) text, Comfort Print offers an easier reading experience that complements the most widely read modern-English Bible translation.

The Jesus Bible Journals are available now as individual Bible journals and in boxed sets and feature:

• Individual books of the accurate, readable, and clear New International Version (NIV)
• Side bar and full-page articles from The Jesus Bible, NIV Edition
• Lined journaling space on every other page
• Thicker cream paper ideal for journaling
• Single-column format
• Exclusive Zondervan NIV Comfort Print typeface
• 9.5-point print size

9780310456278    The Jesus Bible Journal, Selected New Testament Books, 9-Volume Boxed Set, NIV, Paperback, $65.99
9780310455967    The Jesus Bible Journal, Matthew, NIV, Paperback, $6.99
9780310456124    The Jesus Bible Journal, Mark, NIV, Paperback, $6.99
9780310456131    The Jesus Bible Journal, Luke, NIV, Paperback, $6.99
9780310456148    The Jesus Bible Journal, John, NIV, Paperback, $6.99
9780310456155    The Jesus Bible Journal, Acts, NIV, Paperback, $6.99
9780310456162    The Jesus Bible Journal, Romans, NIV, Paperback, $6.99
9780310456322    The Jesus Bible Journal, 1 Corinthians – Colossians, NIV, Paperback $9.99
9780310456179    The Jesus Bible Journal, Hebrews, NIV, Paperback $6.99
9780310456186    The Jesus Bible Journal, Revelation, NIV, Paperback, $6.99
9780310456261    The Jesus Bible Journal, Selected Old Testament Books, 5-Volume Boxed Set, NIV, Paperback, $49.99
9780310456216   The Jesus Bible Journal, Genesis, NIV, Paperback, $9.99
9780310456223   The Jesus Bible Journal, Deuteronomy, NIV, Paperback, $6.99
9780310456230   The Jesus Bible Journal, Psalms, NIV, Paperback, $12.99
9780310456247   The Jesus Bible Journal, Isaiah, NIV, Paperback, $9.99
9780310456254   The Jesus Bible Journal, Hosea – Malachi, NIV, Paperback, $9.99

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For reprint permission, review copies, or to request an interview with Melinda Bouma, vice president and
publisher for Zondervan Bibles, contact Amy Bigler at amy.bigler@harpercollins.com or 616.698.3514.