The NIV Zondervan Study Bible, with study notes from conservative evangelical scholars, is the latest study Bible to appear in the New International Version.

A United View of Scripture

For decades, people wanting to deepen their under-standing of Scripture have had a number of New International Version resources from which to choose. In addition to the groundbreaking 1985 NIV Study Bible, Bibles such as the NIV Student Bible, NIV Quest Study Bible and NIV Archaeological Study Bible have helped to grow the faith of millions by focusing on specific topics or ways of interacting with the Bible text.

The tradition of scholarship continues in August 2015 with the release of a new evangelical study Bible created for the 21st century: the NIV Zondervan Study Bible.

“This new study Bible helps readers see the ‘big picture’ of the Bible by focusing on the basic storyline of God’s plan of redemption,” said associate editor Doug Moo.

Moo and other members of the executive editorial committee—general editor D.A. Carson, and associate editors T. Desmond Alexander and Richard Hess—worked with more than 60 scholars from across the evangelical spectrum to produce notes that provide cultural insights and trace the development of theology throughout Scripture.

“Most Christians have a very fragmented view of the Bible; they read or hear short passages and consequently fail to grasp the big picture,” Alexander said. “The NIV Zondervan Study Bible will help them see how the different books of the Bible come together to give a richer understanding of God and his purposes for our world.”

Pastors, scholars and lay Christians will have access to the latest scholarly thought in the verse-by-verse study notes of the new study Bible. Analysis focuses on the structure of biblical revelation and reviews the progressive acts of God.

“It repeatedly makes organic, salvation-historical connections,” managing editor Andy Naselli said, “especially regarding how the Old and New Testaments integrate.”

Charts, maps and photographs also invite readers to visualize the world of the Bible. At the end of the study Bible, 28 articles on everything from creation to justice to worship provide a comprehensive examination of theology from a conservative viewpoint.

“Our hope is that this study Bible will not only help readers understand individual Scripture better,” Carson said, “but that readers will better see how the Bible coheres to reveal the mind of God. As their grasp of Scripture increases, they will discern the spectacular patterns that God has woven into Scripture across the centuries.”