Why We Should Pray Scripture

Jesus understood the power of God’s Word. So did David. And Moses. And the apostle Paul. And the prophets of the Old Testament. And countless other heroes of the faith. That’s why they quoted Scripture in their private interactions with God.

Here are three things you’ll discover if you follow their lead:

Praying God’s Word solidifies your relationship with the Lord.

In order to incorporate Scripture effectively into your prayer life, you have to spend time in its pages. You have to study God’s interaction with people in good times and in bad. You have to examine the way he makes all things work according to his purposes. You have to come face to face with the fact that no situation is ever beyond his control. You have to make note of his goodness, his mercy and his grace.

And you can’t do those things without developing a deeper appreciation and love for the One who loves you beyond all measure and has a unique plan laid out for your life.

Praying God’s Word fosters a healthy perspective toward Scripture.

Hebrews 4:12 says “the word of God is alive and active.” It’s not some relic from a bygone era or an ancient religious history book. It’s a tool, a weapon—a source of power, encouragement and inspiration that’s every bit as potent today as it was three thousand years ago.

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To use God’s Word in prayer is to tap into its power —

• to claim the promises that Moses clung to;
• to marvel at the wonders of creation that blew David’s mind;
• to connect with the Creator and Sustainer of the universe as Job did;
• to find comfort and strength in our heavenly Father’s presence as Jesus did.

Praying God’s Word encourages an active and creative approach to prayer.

Incorporating Scripture into your prayers shows that you’re not content to rattle off rote words of praise, thanksgiving or supplication. Praying God’s Word requires forethought and preparation. When you pull Scripture into your prayer time, you’re saying to God, “This isn’t something I want to rush through. This is something I want to savor, enjoy and make the most of.”


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