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Editors for the New Fully Revised Edition

Dr. Kenneth Barker

Dr. Mark Strauss

Dr. Jeannine Brown

Dr. Craig Blomberg

Dr. Michael Williams

  • “Study Bibles are a gift to the church. At their best, they combine cutting-edge scholarship with an insistence on that scholarship’s relevance for followers of Jesus today. The NIV Study Bible, Fully Revised Edition furthers this tradition well, offering both the accessibility and literary excellence of the most widely-read English translation alongside succinct surveys of the most recent scholarship, including balanced discussions of differing views on the same text. The pleasing design of the typeface and notes, articles, and charts invites us all, from study Bible novices to veterans, to a fresh encounter with Scripture.”–Dr. Holly Beers, Associate Professor of Religious Studies, Westmont College

  • “To say that the NIV Study Bible has been my companion would be an understatement. This has been my primary Bible for over two decades. It has nine sticky notes that take me to my favorite charts. The cross referencing and notes have led me on many adventures and discoveries of fresh truths. I have lugged it all over the world with me and spilled a few cups of coffee on its pages. Many sermons, books, articles and personal notes have been written and delivered with the accompaniment of my good friend. When I learned that there is a new and improved edition coming out it seemed almost a bit unbelievable, but count me in.”–Pastor Randy Frazee Author and Architect of The Story & Believe

  • “Do you understand what you are reading?’, Philip asked the Ethiopian (of Acts 8).He responded, ‘How can I unless someone explains it to me?’ The Bible is ancient, deep and sometimes confusing, so we all need a bit of help now and then. The NIV Study Bible is a reliable resource for serious readers. I believe such a beautiful and meticulously produced resource will inspire Christians to read their Bible more—and that is good news.”–Dr. Nijay Gupta Professor of New Testament, Northern Seminary

  • “The NIV Study Bible, Fully Revised Edition, combines one of my all-time favorite translations with the critical insights of outstanding scholars (male and female).  It is substantive yet accessible, thorough yet engaging.  Whether you are relatively new to Christian faith and navigating new territory, a mature Christian in search of fresh insights, or a church leader committed to preparing biblically anchored messages, this resource is designed to keep on giving.”–Rev Dr Kate Coleman Founding Director of Next Leadership

  • “The NIV Study Bible is an invaluable resource for anyone wanting to mine the treasures of Scripture. The information contained here will help all readers to gain the kind of background and contextual knowledge that leads not only to a far greater understanding of the books of the Bible, but helps to bring Scripture to life. It will be enormously helpful for both individuals and groups in their study and devotions.”–Dr Lucy Peppiatt Principal, Westminster Theological Center, UK.

  • “I have been preaching over thirty years, and for just about all of that time, I have kept the NIV Study Bible close by as a trusted resource, and boy has it served me well! I am pleased to endorse this new expanded edition, representing superb scholarship.  With over a hundred new articles and thousands of new notes, this NIV Study Bible, Fully Revised Edition will continue to lead the way in resourcing generations of Christ-followers.”–Bryan Loritts Teaching Pastor, The Summit Church Author, The Dad Difference

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