Nueva Versión Internacional

Clarity, fidelity, dignity, and elegance

The Nueva Versión Internacional (NVI) of the Bible came to light in 1999, with the fundamental purpose of bringing the written Word of God to contemporary readers. This version is the result of an international and multidenominational effort, focused on effectively promoting the reading, enjoyment and understanding of the message of the Holy Scriptures in the Spanish-speaking world.

Over the years, the NIV has become a stable and important bridge, linking the message from the original languages, Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek; to the readers of the present time in Spanish today. The most recognized virtues of the NVI have been its fidelity in translation and its clear and elegant language, resulting in an accessible and inspiring text for everyone. And today, the NVI is one of the most appreciated and read translations of the Bible in the Spanish-speaking world.

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