The Mouth Is the Mirror of the Soul

But the things that come out of a person’s mouth come from the heart, and these defile them. — Matthew 15:18

by Jason Cruise

No turkey-hunting strategy is fail-proof. Experience, however, has taught me that a tom will often reveal the nature of his heart by what it takes to make him gobble.

If you’re running a slate call and he gobbles at soft clucks, keep on clucking. If he hammers on a series of yelps, stay with it and get softer as he approaches. If he gobbles at everything you throw at him, but gets farther each time, he’s got a hen with him and he’s simply giving you a courtesy gobble. Pay attention to what he likes, because what he likes will, ultimately, reveal the pulse of his heart.

The same truth is alive in every human heart. Listen to what comes out of a person’s mouth and you can begin to discern the pulse of that person’s spirit. Angry people tend to be critical of everything and everybody. Self-absorbed people tend to make themselves the subject of every conversation. Selfless people forever choose to talk about anything other than themselves. Encouragers find ways to make move you forward with their words.

If you find yourself speaking less than righteous words, take time to inspect your heart. After all, the mouth is also a mirror of the soul.

Think It Through

What does your everyday speech say about the condition of your heart?

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